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Episode 14: Mixed Mailbag (VIDEO)

There are no simple questions when it comes to InDesign. I prove that in this week’s episode in which answering a listener’s simple question about how to align an object to the page leads me to demonstrate three possible ways to do it and introduces the concepts of math operations InDesign can perform for you, using the proxy image and reference points in the control palette, and even installing and running scripts.

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3 Responses to “Episode 14: Mixed Mailbag (VIDEO)”

  1. outofspacero says:

    thank you for your free podcasts and for the tips that you deliver to us. I only heard your first podcast but i have downloded all of them to listen and watch them later, but i must say i am shocked to see how little comments your podcasts have. I mean i don’t know about others but i thank you for the information you provide for us for free.

  2. Thomas G. Madsen says:

    Hi Michael,

    I agree with David. Thanks for your great podcasts!


  3. Moved. Seconded. Carried!

    I just discovered your site and am patiently working through the podcasts in order. Extremely well done, Michael. Thanks!