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New and Improved

After many hours of trial-and-error, and a handful of video episodes that have had more than their fair share of inconsistent audio levels, choppy editing and distracting keyboard noise, I think I’ve finally conquered the podcast’s technical demons. The problems that delayed Episode 14 challenged me to scrap my previous method of producing the video podcast and come up with what I think is a better process and a much better result for everyone. I have to give it up to Apple’s iLife 06 — in particular the new podcasting features of GarageBand 3, which saved the day for me.
I’d be curious to know if anyone other than me notices the difference, so feel free to drop me a line or post a comment about the quality of the video and audio in Episode 14.

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6 Responses to “New and Improved”

  1. outofspacero says:

    thank you for your free podcasts and for the tips that you deliver to us. I only heard your first podcast but i have downloded all of them to listen and watch them later, but i must say i am shocked to see how little comments your podcasts have. I mean i don’t know about others but i thank you for the information you provide for us for free.

  2. Thanks, David. Hopefully, you’ll inspire people to contribute more comments to the blog. I do get a lot of positve e-mail sent to me directly at with compliments on the podcast, so I know it’s reaching people. But more participation on the blog would be better for building a community of podcast subscribers.

  3. Thank you, Michael.
    I am a big fan of your video podcast. I have listened and watched all your episodes and did like the audio ones but am almost blown away by the video stuff. Brief, well thought information and image material to explain your tips or hidden features in InDesign. I have recommended your video podcast wherever I could.

    May I ask you a question? How do you do that focus circle around your mouse?

  4. As I said above, it’s great that so many people are getting so much out of these podcasts. Welcome to the blog, and thank you for your kind feedback. As for the focus circle around the mouse, it’s a great little piece of free software called Mousepose from Boinx Software. For presentations, it’s hard to beat.

  5. Thank you for making an InDesign podcast! I’m just starting to learn, and I’ve only listened to one so far, but hopefully this will help me along the way.

  6. I know of other blogs that you can direct posts to your email from where you posted a note, I do not like to give free “advice”, but I thought it will keep the posts alive, and will build a strong community.