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Episode 18: Table Talk, Part 1 (VIDEO)

If you haven’t already discovered InDesign’s robust table-creation feature, you’re going to be quite impressed by what it can do. If you’re familiar with tables, but haven’t used them that much, you’re going to find that the level of design control you have over tables — and the ways in which you can use them — is far beyond what you might have expected. This episode is the first of a three-part series where we explore how good tables can improve your design and good design can improve your tables.

Watch the episode here (11:31 | 27.9MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

This episode is also available in an iPod-compatible video format.

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3 Responses to “Episode 18: Table Talk, Part 1 (VIDEO)”

  1. I think the tutorial was really good! Looking forward for N2:)
    Greets from Denmark

  2. Thanks, Slavi —

    I’m hard at work on part two now and expect to have it up on Sunday. I’ve been wanting to tackle this topic since the very beginning, because Tables have changed the way I work and the way I approach the presentation of information in my design. Like Nested Styles, they’re one of InDesign’s true “killer” features. And also like Nested Styles, it’s looking like this topic will take three episodes to cover completely. But I think the payoff — and the knowledge — will will be worth the time.

  3. Mike Hortens says:

    Michael Murphy’s explanations have always been most helpful to me in my work. No nonsense, cuteness or tech-talk, just clear, articulate explanations. Thank you very much and I’ll continue to check in on your videos. Yours truly, Mike Hortens