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Alternative Media

After some listener requests, I’m going to experiment with alternative media. That is, I’m posting for download from the site a version of the latest episode in iPod video format as well as an audio-only MP3 version.
As I’ve said before, the “true” version of the podcast is, for me, what I make available in the full 672 x 450 video version that’s part of the RSS feed and available through iTunes. My goal is to make the podcasts clear and understandable, and I don’t think either of these formats meet that criteria.
But to try to give my audience what’s it’s asking for, I’m creating these alternative versions. So, if you want these “lesser” versions, you can come to the site and download them manually.

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One Response to “Alternative Media”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I know that your video podcasts are best viewed on a monitor, but I listen to them on the train commute on my iPod. I was having to convert them myself. Thanks for listening.