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Batting 1000

The InDesigner has passed the 1000 subscribers level. That’s the average number of downloads for each episode…some episodes are significantly higher. I’m thrilled that so many people around the world are finding and using the podcast. I’m watching the stats and hope it continues to grow. Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

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4 Responses to “Batting 1000”

  1. Hey Mike, I think your Podcast is great. I wish there were more of this type, especially for Illustrator. There are more than enough for PhotoShop.
    I will continue to view and listen, keep up the great work!
    John in Mexico City

  2. Thanks, Jonah. Trying to do my part to “spread the love” for InDesign.

  3. outofspacero says:

    If the 1000 mark is hit, it’s now time to shoot for 10000
    I am still suprised a bit that it’s only 1000 but i guess it’s still a good start.

    Great invaluable knowledge you share with the rest of the world, and for free 🙂

    will be here to salute you on your 10000 mark as well, and hopefully you will share with us just as good stuff as you’ve shared so far 🙂

  4. Congratulations Michael! You can add about another 100 from me, as I broadcast your videos as soon as they come out to our staff! Keep it up my friend. Mark