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My Latest Article in InDesign Magazine

The latest isssue of InDesign Magazine (#19-September 2007) features a cover story by yours truly about designing tables in InDesign. The focus is very much on the design challenges particular to tables, and how not to let the speed and ease-of-use of InDesign’s table features stop you from taking the time to improve your rows and columns with time-honored design principles. The article is also posted online as a free PDF download on

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One Response to “My Latest Article in InDesign Magazine”

  1. It seems that I have problem with my Table Manners. I would like to align capitals in the text with the top border of a table cell. My cell insets are set to zero all over, vertical justification is aligned to top, I have my first baseline set to Cap Height, and it still doesn’t work the way I would like to. Even if I want to force the cell height to a certain measure it stubbornly persists. Any suggestions would be of great help. Thank you.