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Episode 43: Data Merge (VIDEO)

Who says data and design are mutually exclusive? Not InDesign, that’s for sure. Under the right circumstances, data-driven layout is the way to go. Unlike XML, which makes designers run from their computers, the Data Merge feature in InDesign is an easy way to accomplish fast, flexible data-driven layout creation and updates. Using a subscriber’s files as an example, this episode takes a video look a topic that was tackled way back in the audio-only days of Episode #7.

Watch the episode here (15:00 | 28.6MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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56 Responses to “Episode 43: Data Merge (VIDEO)”

  1. Elliot —

    Sorry for the late reply. Have you resolved this problem already? If not, would you be able to send me your CSV and INDD files so I can look at the set-up?

  2. I’ve done my document EXACTLY like the video says, and when I preview there is still only one record per page. I even tried putting .0625 between columns & rows on the Multiple Record Layout tab. I’ve tried everything and no matter what I do I cannot make this work in CS5. SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

  3. Joey,

    Did you find a solution? We’re experiencing what sounds like the same problem.

  4. Bobbie Willis says:

    Hello! I am a high school yearbook adviser, and four years ago we left our Big Name Yearbook Publisher to print for a third of the cost with a local printer. Rather than using the yearbook company’s software, we have discovered that all of those tool already exist in InDesign, and it is just a matter of learning them.

    This tutorial on data merging was key in helping us to lay out the 1,400+ student mug shots for our class pages.

    One question I had was in placing the name text to accompany each photo: We built the data template as a photo frame and a text box right below it for the student’s name. However, traditionally, we have run a row of six photos across the page, with a vertical list of the six accompanying names to the left or right (depending on left or right page of the spread) of the row.

    We have gone through and linked each of six names in a row across, then selected them all and pasted them into a text box to the left or right of the row. However, you can imagine how tedious this is, and how many opportunities there are for errors in this scenario.

    Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on how we can automate this task? Many thanks!

  5. Bobbie —

    Can you e-mail me a snapshot of a sample spread so I have a clear idea of what you’re describing? I’d you could take the snapshot with the InDesign frames selected on the page, that would be ideal. You can e-mail it to info ((at)) theindesigner ((dot)) com.


  6. Paul Tallbush says:

    It is garbage that Indesign Data Merge CANNOT do multi-up duplexing. Pure garbage.