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Front Page News (and Rave Reviews)

I just checked the main “Technology” page of the iTunes Music Store’s podcast section, and guess who’s podcast is right up there with the likes of Leo LaPorte’s “This Week in Tech” and the Diggnation podcast? It’s me! And not only that…The InDesigner is now number 60 in the Top 100 Subscribed Technology Podcasts, and is just about to reach 3000 subscribers, according to my own site statistics.

While I’m talking about the iTunes Music Store, I just have to mention the rave reviews for the podcast that have been posted up there. More than 25 people have taken the time to write reviews of the podcast and I am consistently flattered and touched by what people have to say about what I’m doing and how it has helped them. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and continued support. It has become one of my main motivations for keeping this thing going and trying to improve it however and whenever possible.

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