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24 Days, 123 Page Layouts, 19 Charts & Graphs, 4 Full-page Ads…

…and zero podcasts, unfortunately.

The title of this post represents my work in the last issue of my magazine, which was 256 pages, plus covers. This doesn’t leave a ton of time for writing and producing podcasts, unfortunately. And it requires a little time to rest and recover. So, if you haven’t already missed me, now you know why you should.

I’m hard at work getting a new episode in just under the wire for July, and then back on schedule for August — which will have many new and interesting things in store for you, my loyal audience.

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6 Responses to “24 Days, 123 Page Layouts, 19 Charts & Graphs, 4 Full-page Ads…”

  1. Prlwytzkofski says:

    I wasn’t even aware the pod-cast was due. Maybe that is because one other weekly pod-cast I listen to can span over 80! days.

    Appreciate your effort.


  2. I apologise if this is covered somewhere else, but what magazine is it that you refer to Michael … I would love to see the work you do commercially with InDesign.

    Keep up the great work.

    Best regards,

  3. It hasn’t been covered before, Brendan. I’ve been keeping a “church-and-state” separation between my day job and the podcast. That, plus the magazine is available only by “qualified” subscription — it is distributed free to people within a specific industry who meet certain criteria — which limits access to it. Within the next podcast or two, this will all come out, as I’m going to feature certain parts of the magazine (covers, contents page, etc.) that will leak the big secret to everyone. :)

  4. What can I say U DA MAN! all by your bad self. You continue to outdo yourself. I am extremely grateful for all your hard work. as I lead a reluctant art department in the transition from QuarkXpress to Indesign. I don’t have the time to engaged in office politics or competitiveness. Your podcasts more than any other source of Indesign information have helped answer real world design and production issues. This makes the product shine, and lays to rest legitimate production concerns (visually) i.e.(tracking, output PDF’s/Rips etc.) The visuals make are extremely demonstrative and clear. I truly appreciate what you continue to bring to the table. I would love to continue calling you Da Man, but after all the reality is you are “theindesigner”

    Keep Truck Brother
    Rev. Frank

  5. Thanks, Frank. Good luck with the “reluctant” transition. I didn’t have quite as many hurdles making my switch as it seems you might be having, since our staff is so small. But getting agreement to make the switch required me to take full responsibility for training everyone else in the least disruptive way. If there’s any additional help I can be to you during this switch, let me know.

  6. Prlwytzkofski says:

    How about a forum? I got some questions, probably to simple to bother you with. Others and me can place troubled thought (not dyrectley) like ‘In one of the documents of a book, I changed a layer containing graphic, page-numbering & book-title. Can I synchronize master-pages to apply this to all documents in the book’ on that forum.

    The first who got the answer ‘Just do find/replace throughout your book to replace old with new title’ chimes in. I get my answer, without feeling I deprive you of your precious time.