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Episode 45: The Magnificent Six (VIDEO)

November 18th, 2007 | Michael Murphy

Normally, I pick one InDesign feature and build a whole episode around it. However, this is the second anniversary of the podcast, and I wanted to do something different, and demonstrate that combining InDesign features is far more powerful than using them individually. In this episode, I use six different features … (read more)

Episode 44: That’s a Wrap (VIDEO)

October 24th, 2007 | Michael Murphy

It’s that little feature we all take for granted, but InDesign’s Text Wrap is a vast improvement over that other page layout application’s Runaround feature. This episode takes an in-depth look at all of InDesign’s Text Wrap options, reveals a few peculiarities … (read more)

Episode 43: Data Merge (VIDEO)

August 31st, 2007 | Michael Murphy

Who says data and design are mutually exclusive? Not InDesign, that’s for sure. Under the right circumstances, data-driven layout is the way to go. Unlike XML, which makes designers run from their computers, the Data Merge feature in InDesign is an easy way to accomplish … (read more)

Episode 42: Summer Movie Spectacular! (VIDEO)

August 2nd, 2007 | Michael Murphy

Who wants to see the home videos from my vacation? Wait! Before you run for the exits, let me rephrase that: Who wants to learn about how to add and work with videos in InDesign, create buttons to control them, and export PDFs that will play them? In this episode, you’ll learn how to put these great features to work, what limitations to be aware of, and how to … (read more)

Episode 41: Quick Tip – Place Every Logo (VIDEO)

June 15th, 2007 | Michael Murphy

How would you like to have all versions of your (or your client’s) logo available in one placed file and never have to worry about re-positioning them in the frame in your layout? In this episode, I share the tip I presented during the … (read more)

Episode 40: Object Layer Options (VIDEO)

May 3rd, 2007 | Michael Murphy

It’s time to get back to the original mission of the videocast — real-world examples of InDesign in action to help you work better, smarter and faster. In this episode, I take a look at a feature that debuted in CS2: Object Layer Options. Not only does InDesign understand the native Photoshop format, it also … (read more)

Episode 39: InDesign CS3: A Second Look (VIDEO)

April 3rd, 2007 | Michael Murphy

InDesign CS3 iconAnother glipmse into the new and improved user experience you can expect when CS3 ships. This episode takes a quick look at the Pages palette (which now shows page thumbnails), the much-improved Control Panel, and … (read more)

Episode 38: InDesign CS3: A First Look (VIDEO)

March 27th, 2007 | Michael Murphy

InDesign CS3 iconIcons and panels and docks…oh my!
At long last, the wait is over and the veil of secrecy is lifted. In this first look at InDesign CS3, I give a glimpse of what the new version looks like, because Adobe has given it — and all of the Creative Suite applications — a new user interface. Goodbye palettes (technically)…hello panels and docks. Here’s a very brief glimpse at … (read more)

Episode 37: Long Documents, Part 5 – Generating an Index (VIDEO)

March 20th, 2007 | Michael Murphy

The thrilling conclusion of the Long Documents series is finally here! In this episode, I wrap it all up with some last indexing shortcuts, generating an index (and how it differs from generating a TOC), formatting and updating … (read more)

Episode 36: Long Documents, Part 4 – Indexing (VIDEO)

February 2nd, 2007 | Michael Murphy

Continuing with the very long series on long document features after a long break, this episode finally tackles the feature that is the bane of many an InDesign user’s existence: Indexing. This first of two indexing installments covers the basic principles of indexing as they apply to InDesign, including some up-front advice about … (read more)