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Episode 38: InDesign CS3: A First Look (VIDEO)

InDesign CS3 iconIcons and panels and docks…oh my!
At long last, the wait is over and the veil of secrecy is lifted. In this first look at InDesign CS3, I give a glimpse of what the new version looks like, because Adobe has given it — and all of the Creative Suite applications — a new user interface. Goodbye palettes (technically)…hello panels and docks. Here’s a very brief glimpse at what users can expect to see when they finally get InDesign CS3 in their hot little hands.

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NOTE: This episode is iPod-compatible, and all future episodes will also sync to any video-capable iPod.

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One Response to “Episode 38: InDesign CS3: A First Look (VIDEO)”

  1. Barbara Cohen says:

    Dear Michael:
    Many thanks for your most informative and useful podcasts.
    I got really excited to learn from you that you can dock a book or library. I work in a few different books and duly went to dock them. No problem, but when I tried to save the workspace the books disappeared. Do you know if there is a way to save a workspace with the books docked as a panel?
    Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.
    Again, thanks.