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Episode 41: Quick Tip – Place Every Logo (VIDEO)

How would you like to have all versions of your (or your client’s) logo available in one placed file and never have to worry about re-positioning them in the frame in your layout? In this episode, I share the tip I presented during the closing “tip extravaganza” session at last week’s InDesign Conference in New York. It’s a technique I plan to use all the time, and it builds on the topic of the last episode — Object Layer Options — but with Illustrator CS3 files this time.

Watch the episode here (7:00 | 10.4MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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5 Responses to “Episode 41: Quick Tip – Place Every Logo (VIDEO)”

  1. This is an amazing tip. Having several versions of client logos that I work with all the time, this tip is a great time saver. Consider me a new subscriber to your blog!

  2. Excellent, Aaron. Glad to hear that. This is tailor-made to keeping logo variations accessible via a single file and being able to swap out (and not have to re-position) different logo color schemes. There are a couple of other things you can pull off with this feature that I’m planning to include in an upcoming podcast. Keep tuning in!

  3. Marc Tournant says:

    Mmmmh ?

    Does that work on CS2 ?
    I tried, but nope !
    “.ai” does not show the layers, and “.pdf” shows the entire zone which include all arts, event if you select the “bounding box” option.

    A bug in the french localization, or a tip for CS3 only ?
    I don’t know !

  4. Unfortunately not, Marc. This is a CS3-only trick.

  5. Marc Tournant says:

    That’s what I feared !
    Too bad !!

    You may not know why I’m not on CS3 ?
    Adobe charges “alien countries” three times the cost of the US upgrade.

    A SHAME !!!

    Thanks again for your good advices on ID.