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The InDesigner on Twitter and Facebook

With Facebook and Twitter all the rage these days, I’ve finally thrown my hat into the social networking arena (kicking and screaming, and later than everyone else, as ususal).

Actually, it’s more like a toe in the water. I’m still grappling with the real value of these networks, but I’m starting to use them as ways to update fans of the podcast and my book in a more immediate way than the blog does. Of course, the blog will continue, and the podcasts are starting up again very soon, but this is one more channel to provide quick updates for those interested.

You can follow me on Twitter, or join my Facebook fan pages for the book and the podcast. My status updates and tweets on these networks will include information about upcoming classes, seminars, projects (and there are some good ones coming up!) and conferences, but I won’t clog your mobile phones with mundane details like what I’m watching on TV. For now, at least, I’m keeping it strictly business.

If you dare–and if you care–follow along!

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5 Responses to “The InDesigner on Twitter and Facebook”

  1. Hey Michael. It’s tim your new admirer, I’m from twitter asking about your new book..

    Say, if you wanna be my absolute hero (haha) I have something for ya..

    I have a very large document I’m working with. I need to insert footnotes of sources into this document.

    What’s the fastest way do do this?

    I’m finding it takes a whole lot of time to first cut the source, place the footnote then paste the source all the way through the document.

    A script to do this perhaps?

    Anyways, HUGE.



  2. or even BIGGER..

    run GREP to find where to put a footnote then have it do it for you.

    INTENSE stuff haha


  3. Thrilled to have been notified of 1-day seminar May 14 through Twitter…still possible to register? Have been unable to access the site since yesterday.

  4. Julia —
    Without going into boring detail about the cause of the site being down, it’s back up. Try the address again. If you don’t get to it that way, try

  5. Nahla Anwer says:

    I’m a new indesign user, it’s part of my job. I’m looking for solutions for a certain issue, I’m not sure you’d have the time to help me but I’ll try anyway.
    Is it just me or does indesign refuse to edit tables once the file is closed. I mean if you open a saved file, the tables become un-editable. This is really killing me and my team. I’d appreciate your help for it’d save us a lot of time, effort and a whole lot of stress!