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Restore Style Mapping Presets: Report This Bug!

UPDATE: The bug detailed below has been fixed in the 6.0.4 update of Adobe InDesign, released 22-Sept-2009. See details in this related post.

If you haven’t already noticed, a very useful feature that’s been around since InDesign CS has been broken in InDesign CS4. I noticed myself when preparing for a recent seminar in Washington, D.C. After creating a Style Mapping preset from the Microsoft Word Import Options dialog, I opened a template and tried to import a Word file using that preset only to find that none of the 20 or so style associations I’d just made had been preserved in the preset. While the preset name was available from the preset menu at the top of the dialog, none of the settings associated with that preset were preserved.

This is a known bug. Adobe is aware of it, but as of now it is not on the agenda to be fixed within the lifespan of CS4. In order for this to be acted on, InDesign users need to get Adobe’s attention focused on it. There is no guarantee that because a bug is “known” that it will ever be fixed (even in CS5) unless customers speak up and enough reports of this broken feature start popping up in the bug database.

Since this is a known bug, it has a bug number assigned to it: 2255226. The URL for submitting the bug is:

I have reported this bug myself, and specifically referenced the existing bug number. I suggest as many of you as possible do the same—and reference the existing bug number (2255226) when you do—to get this on Adobe’s radar. The form for submitting the bug is pretty straighforward. You fill in your information and answer a couple of questions about the version of the application and your operating system. Not all questions are mandatory.

The last field on the form asks you to summarize the problem. Below is how I summarized it when I reported the bug if you want to just copy it from here an paste it into your bug report.

Let’s see if we can get this fixed by taking action…if not for a subsequent “dot” release update for CS4, then at the very least for CS5.

This is an existing bug (#2255226).
Concise problem statement: Style Mapping presets saved from the Microsoft Word Import Options dialog do not save any of the associations between Word Styles and InDesign Styles. Only the preset name is preserved, but all work done to map styles is lost and must be re-done every time.
Steps to reproduce bug:
1. Make associations between Word and InDesign Styles via Style Mapping (Microsoft Word Import Options)
2.Click Save Preset, name and save preset and import selected file.
3. Attempt to place another Word file using that saved preset.  None of the styles are mapped.
Results: All mapping associations are lost.
Expected results: Paragraph and character styles from Word should be assigned to InDesign styles in the destination document.

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20 Responses to “Restore Style Mapping Presets: Report This Bug!”

  1. Hi Michael!
    I am right now working on a project where style mapping is a critical point. I just thought that there was always something wrong in the .doc file. Thanks to your post i am sure its IND’s fault. This is *really* annoying.

    Thanks for posting it!

    Best regards from Mainz, Germany,

  2. Simon —

    What I’ve done in the meantime to compensate for this is to do my style mapping in CS3, place the required files, then open them in CS4. It’s the only solution at the moment for preserving mapped styles. Unfortunately, if you go this route, any styles that include GREP Styles or Nested Line Styles will lose those features when the file is saved down and opened in CS3.


  3. Thanks for this Michael. I’ve submitted a bug report. I’m sure I would have been banging my head against my desk trying to figure out what I was doing wrong next time I tried to use this feature. How frustrating that this bug crept into CS4!

  4. Gary Spedding says:

    With this note and the comments – until it is fixed – sounds like a topic for one of your Podcasts?


  5. Logged a call with adobe support last week

    here is response

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009 4:12:06 PM PDT
    Hello Oliver,
    We Apologize for the late reply as it took some time to research on your case and we need some more time to research further on your issue. We will get back to you and will keep you updated about the progress of
    your case.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Adobe Technical Support

  6. Wow – thanks for pointing that out! I haven’t upgraded to CS4 yet and I won’t be upgrading to it until this feature is fixed. I am going to “complain” to adobe and tell them I can’t upgrade to CS4 or above until it is fixed.

    Seriously, I do a lot of work where I need to map styles. And if that feature isn’t working I can’t upgrade.

  7. Thanks for posting this ! I have been struggling with this for months and just thought it was something I was doing wrong. I have posted a bug report with Adobe as you recommended.


  8. I submitted a bug report. Hopefully Adobe will take care of this ASAP!

  9. Latest Patch does not include the fix.

    Maybe the next one?

  10. I’ve just been trying to run a style-mapping test in CS4 and could not get it to work. I use this feature regularly on one of my biggest jobs in CS3 so I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong and one short google search later I’m right. I’m running the CS4 demo and I’m glad I had not paid up for the full version. Without the style-mapping nothing in CS4 compensates for the extra work I’ll have to do.

    I’ll be posting a complaint and pointing out to Adobe that until this is fixed, I’m staying on CS3.

    Tim, London

  11. Just got this message back from Adobe:

    “Tim, thanks for the bug reports you’ve submitted. It looks like this issue will be fixed in the next version. Thanks! -Jack InDesign/InCopy Quality Manager”

    How rubbish is that? Maybe I’ll go back to Quark, I remember using macros to auto typeset copy back with good ol’ 4.11 …

    Tim, London

  12. alexanderino says:

    Tim from London: that is utterly arrogant of Adobe. It’s bad enough when they hold back minor features for future releases, but critical bugfixes are now treated the same way, too?

    This sort of behaviour reminds me of Quark circa version 6. A class-action lawsuit may well be in order here.

  13. So Adobe are saying that this bug won’t be fixed until version CS5???

    That’s like being sold a new car, then finding out that the auto-tune button on the radio doesn’t work. You take it back to the dealership and they tell you, hey, no problem, it’ll be fixed on next years model, just come back then, trade in your old car and buy a new one!


  14. Hopefully what Adobe means is that the next patch update will fix that bug.

  15. Gary Spedding says:

    I think Adobe are worried they might not be selling too many copies of CS5, so anything they can do to promote that bug fixes will not appear until the next version is their hard sell line to maintain some sort of profit in this downturned economy. Despite what many say we are in for a long-haul depression here folks. Adobe fix this now and maintain the status quo? Then give us something really new in the CS5 apps – somthing that really “pops”.(I am stopping at CS4 period).

  16. IS there a thread in the adobe forum about this ? If not you should open one !

  17. The 6.04 update is supposed to address this problem. Support doc here:

  18. Michel —

    You’re correct. The 6.0.4 update does fix the style mapping functionality. I installed it and tested the feature, created a custom style mapping preset, and was able to recall that preset with all mapping preserved in another document. It also worked after quitting and re-starting InDesign. Thanks for posting this.


  19. The latest update 6.04 seems to have resolved this issue.

    Thanks Mike for organising everyone to rally together to fix this issue.

  20. This issue is now solved in the 6.0.4 update. See the release notes for item #2335625.


    An important update to the InCopy and InDesign products has been released today!
    To install the update, choose Help > Updates from any Adobe CS4 application, or navigate to the Adobe Updater and launch it:
    Mac: /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Utilities/Updater6/Adobe
    Win: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6\Adobe_Updater.exe

    You can also download the updates from at the following locations:
    InCopy Mac:
    InCopy Win:
    InDesign Mac:
    InDesign Win:

    Release notes are here: