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Report From Miami

I was watching the local news coverage here in Miami, where I’m speaking at the InDesign Conference, and there’s been a lot of talk about the causes of yesterday’s two-hour power outage that hit us (and a lot of south Florida) in the middle of the day. Personally, I think the real explanation for why the lights went out is that a demonstration given by Adobe’s Michael Ninnes and Tim Cole here at the keynote speech was so cool that it sucked all the power from the grid.

In what was referred to as a “technology preview” — meaning it’s technology Adobe has, but will neither confirm nor deny will appear ever in any product — Michael and Tim demonstrated the direct export of InDesign layouts to Flash, including the addition of page transitions (established, with nice previews, within InDesign) for each spread. When opened up in Flash, each InDesign spread had been converted to a movie clip in its own frame in the Flash timeline, and simple button navigation (also created in the InDesign document first) allowed the user to click through the exported Flash movie and see the page transitions that were established in InDesign.

Again, this is functionality that Adobe will not definitively say will be in InDesign CS4 or Flash CS4, but they’ve clearly spent a good deal of time thinking about it and developing it to this level, so keep those fingers crossed. We could be looking at an integrated means to turn our print layouts into easily navigable digital Flash editions, which I’d be very happy to have at my disposal.

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10 Responses to “Report From Miami”

  1. I sat through the “technology” preview and thought it was really cool to see the flash support! I also really enjoyed Michael Murphy’s sessions.


  2. Yo Michael

    By any change is there a South African tour in the future?
    We have a lot events, but no InDesign/Adobe/Michael Murphy as yet.

  3. Woah, haven’t seen any moment here for a while… What’s going on?

  4. Someone switch on the “InDesigner” signal or something.

  5. I’ll bet Michael’s still catching up after Miami. I know I am!

  6. LOL, I’ll bet, Michel! Michael, give us a sign, or better: a new Podcast.

  7. If you missed what Michael is talking about take
    a look at what I ran across.
    I found a YouTube video called InDesign Conference
    Miami, Keynote Part 1 & 2. It starts off blurry
    but gets better quickly.

  8. Hi Michael. Was wondering if you could maybe do a show about trapping (Window>Output>Trap Presets). Had a job requiring this, which contained a spot (silver) with CMYK text knocking out within it. Long story short, it was tedious manual job… Any advise on how In-Design’s Trap Engine works & how I can automate this to my advantage.

  9. That’s a good topic, SuperZ. It’s not my particular area of expertise, but neither was long documents and I got five episodes out of that. 🙂 I’ll do some digging and add it to the future show list.

    Speaking of future shows…episode 48 is in the works and should be posted later this week.

  10. Thanks, Michael. Looking forward to both.