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Episode 27: An InDesign Inventory, Part 1 (VIDEO)

When you design 4 full-page ads, 19 charts and graphs, and 123 page layouts in 24 working days, you really see how InDesign’s features make a big project much more manageable. Having just completed a 256-page magazine, I decided that this episode would take inventory of some of the ways that InDesign streamlined the process, allowing me to complete a huge volume of work without sacrificing creativity and quality.

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This episode is also available in an iPod compatible version.

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4 Responses to “Episode 27: An InDesign Inventory, Part 1 (VIDEO)”

  1. First one to comment woohoo!

    I thought this was an interesting change of format and could prove good for getting a variety of tips accross in a shorter period of time. However, I must say that i love the in-depth, complete tutorial format still!

    Just depends on what you’re looking for— a variety meal or a big steak dinner.

    Can’t think of much else at the moment. Ten minutes seemed pretty short and I look forward to the next episode. Not a complaint, just a compliment!


  2. Polly McNally says:

    I have been blown away by ID’s functions. I did quark for years on several magazines, I would never have dreamt of the program doing all of this. The planning part is so crucial to making the layout function better in the end.
    The other part that blows me away, which I’m sorry is off topic, is how did you get all the text and photos turned into you on time to get a huge issue as this done in 24 days? I didn’t think there was a client in the world who could achieve that effort. That is truly miraculous.

  3. Polly —
    It’s a team effort on both the editorial and design sides, with everybody up against the same deadline and working toward the same goal. That may sound corny, but it’s what work best. Systems are also in place for assigning stories in advance, so that there’s time when they come in to solicit photography from the companies we talk about most photography for the magazine is supplied…the balance is stock, or I generate art from nothing in the Creative Suite applications. When no photos are available, no visual concepts really apply to the subject matter, or there’s just no time…then it’s type to the rescue! Good looking typography and color can go a long way to dressing up a handful of all-text pages.

  4. Polly McNally says:

    Yes, you did a wonderful design job with this magazine. As I did notice as it zipped by while you scrolled the pages.

    thank you, and keep up the tutorials, they are sooo helpful.