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Episode 19: Table Talk, Part 2 (VIDEO)

The second installment of the video series covering Tables gets down to the smallest details. This “intermediate” episode covers the settings you can apply in the Table Options and Cell Options dialog boxes, how InDesign differentiates between Header, Footer and Body rows, how to automate Alternating Fills and Strokes, threading a table across multiple frames and pages, and just what the difference is between the “Exactly” and “At Least” options.

Watch the episode here (15:18 | 43.1MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

This episode is also available in an iPod-compatible version.

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One Response to “Episode 19: Table Talk, Part 2 (VIDEO)”

  1. A correction for Episode 19:
    At about the three-and-a-half minute mark of Episode 19, I made two consecutive references to the “Table Options palette” when, in fact, I was talking about the Table Options dialog box. By the time I discovered the mistake, there wasn’t enough time to go back and re-record the audio correctly. I hope that either nobody noticed or that it didn’t cause any unnecessary confusion. There is a Table palette in InDesign, but not a “table options palette” as I referred to it. Sorry about that.