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Episode 16: If You (Re)build It, You Will Learn

There’s nothing wrong with your monitor. This is not a video episode. In this week’s show, there’s more to talk about than to see as I discuss re-creating old layouts — specifically QuarkXPress layouts — in InDesign, and I talk you through my method for creating and using a “tracing” of your old file to help speed up the process.

Listen to the episode here (14:38 | 3.4MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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6 Responses to “Episode 16: If You (Re)build It, You Will Learn”

  1. A small correction: In Episode 16, I said “go back to episodes 11 through 14 for a refresher on style sheets” but my style sheets trilogy actually spanned episodes 11 through 13. Sorry for the inaccuracy. I also mentioned Markzware’s Q2ID Plug-In as a means for converting QuarkXPress documents (up to version 6.5) to InDesign. Find out more about that plug-in here.

  2. outofspacero says:

    i was really disapointed to see that this weeks episode is only a mp3 and not a video, but i guess it’s all good 🙂 I will look forward to your next video pocast, and meanwhile listen to the present podcast 🙂

  3. I realize I’ve set the expectation level pretty high with the video podcasts, so I totally understand what you’re saying. I’m hoping that the value of the information will outweigh the disappointment level when, from time to time, I either choose to or have to go with audio. Next week, we’ll be back to video. And I can’t divulge (or over-promise) what’s coming in the months ahead, but it’ll be well worth sticking around for.

  4. Hey, can I throw in a related item? First, I love the pdcast, video or audio. I have learned a great deal from it and continue to do so. Thank you.

    My “request” is that you consider posting it in both forms… mp3 audio nd mp4 video. Why? My 2-year old digital audio player does not support (nor recognize) video formats, and my best chance to listen is during some longer drives I have in the day.

    I’ve even taken to ripping the audio from the file so I can put them on the player and listen to them anyway… I can always make the time to get to the video playback for the things I need to see.

    I know, it’s a hassle of production and of storage and of bandwidth – all on your end, too, Michael – and frankly there may not be enough people out there like me to make it worth the extra cost.

    Now, if only if multi-format digital audio players could recognize and play the *audio* portion of a podcast file, that’d be a cool feature!

  5. Note: I *can* type better than this. Sorry for the typos.

    pdcast = podcast

    nd = and


  6. James —

    All of this is being “taken under advisement” at the moment. I made a similar post regarding providing an iPod-friendly format for the video a few days ago under the Video Feedback topic. At the moment, holding up my end of the bargain — scripts, samples, and recorded podcasts — is taking up the bulk of my time. Until the InDesign Conference in mid-May is behind me, I won’t be able to start splitting up the file formats to everyone’s satisfaction, but I’m definitely looking to post an “alternate media” archive down the line. I’ll keep you — and everyone else — posted.