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Update on Scott Citron and a Chance to Help

This is a “guest post” from my good friend Noha Edell from Adobe who has been keeping in regular contact with Scott during his amazingly fast recovery from his auto accident in late July. In it, she mentions a way in which those inclined to help can do so. A recent InDesign User Group in New York boasted its biggest raffle ever and an auction where people very generously bid on items to help send some financial support Scott’s way. Here’s Noha’s update:

Hello friends,I am happy to tell you that Scott is out of the hospital; he is staying in LA at his sister’s house until he completes his physical therapy.  Scott is thankful for his miraculous recovery and very much in awe for the love and support that he has received from his friends, colleagues, and the IDUG community.Many of you have asked me what you or your group can do to support Scott in dealing with the mountain of medical bills and lost income that’s expected over the coming weeks. Below is a list of various fund-raising activities that have been set up and/or executed:

  • Proceeds from product raffle or auction at a meeting: The NY and Denver IDUG (thank you Erica) chapters each held a silent auction at their meetings; the members were very generous as they felt it is a worthy cause.
  • Online Auction: Erica Gamet, Denver IDUG chapter representative, has volunteered to run an online auction. She put together an impressive site where a variety of items from software, services, books and subscriptions are up for bids.  The online auction will close on September 15 at 5:00p.m. EST.
  • Café Press gear: Sandee Cohen has immortalized Scott’s first words after the accident by creating some cool gear, which can can be ordered at Café Press. Proceeds from all sales will go directly to Scott.
  • Paypal: Bob Levine and Terry Perito (Scott’s brother-in-law) have set up a Paypal account. Terry will forward all donations directly to Scott. To send gifts via Paypal, please visit: and click the “Donate” button found on the bottom right side of the page.

Thank you all for your concern, and please understand that you are under no obligation to participate in or execute any of the above suggestions.Yours truly,Noha

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