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Episode 2: Four To Be Thankful For

Since it’s a four-day Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I would spend some time covering four things in InDesign that I’m thankful for. In this podcast, I cover (1) text formatting without having any text selected, (2) InDesign does math, (3) better bolds and italics, and (4) keyboard navigation through dialog boxes. They’re not too sexy, but they save a lot of time and I use them just about every day.

Listen to the episode here (10:23 | 2.5MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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2 Responses to “Episode 2: Four To Be Thankful For”

  1. Just a heads up, your link to your second episode is broken on your website. It is actually located at:

    Great podcast so far! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks, Marcus. The link is fixed now. Welcome to the blog/podcast!