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I’m Not Supposed to Tell You This

One question I got during my presentation at the InDesign User Group — and one that I’ve been asked via e-mail about the podcast — is how I get that spotlight effect when I’m trying to call attention to a specific part of the screen. I was about to answer that question but got interrupted by some of the other presenters who said it was a “presenter’s secret.” Well…no one ever told me what this secret was, but it didn’t take more than a Google search using words that described the on-screen functionality to find out that it was actually Boinx Software’s wonderful — and free — Mouseposé application.
Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me, though.

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6 Responses to “I’m Not Supposed to Tell You This”

  1. outofspacero says:

    Cool little thingy, but i am on a pc 🙁
    Whished windows would have little widgets like these. Mac has tons of little programs like these that do nifty tricks.

    And an off topic remark, do you know that your podcast and site is mentioned on the:
    It’s cool to see that people acknoledge your work!!!
    Now just waiting on that new podcast 🙂

  2. I did see that. In fact, the first time I saw it was on the big screen during one of the sessions at the InDesign Conference. Adobe was doing a brief session to promote the user groups and they put that screen up. I was sitting in the audience looking at a promo for my own podcast. That was a nice surprise. Noha Edell, who represents Adobe at my local User Group (and several other chapters) has been a big supporter of the podcast.

  3. Hey Michael (and anyone else who likes these types of screen enhancers for presentations) … check out OmniDazzle:

    Sorry David, Mac-only as well. (I’m also looking for Windows equivalents too.)

    OmniDazzle is so fun and useful that its replaced Mousepose in my bag of tricks to call attention to particular areas of the screen. I added it to Startup Items too.

  4. I, too, use Mousepose. I’ll have to check out OmniDazzle. It looks pretty cool!

    Another tool I like on the Mac is Screenshot Helper. Basically, it puts up a white wall behind the front application. It’s great when doing my books and articles, but also useful for presentations because it hides the background clutter of other applications and their palettes to focus on the front most application.

    Here’s that app:

  5. Hi, Pariah. Welcome to the blog. I briefly introduced myself to you at the InDesign Conference in Chicago…and I attended your type session. I never knew Screenshot Helper existed, but after having it installed for only a few minutes, I can think of many ways that’s going to help me quickly grab isolated images with no background distractions. All of the rounded edges and dropshadows in OSX have made it a bit more work, but this is going to be really help minimize that.

  6. Hi Michael. Are you willing to reveal how you managed to record your video podcasts? They quality is exceptional considering there size.

    I am supposed to be the resident Adobe “expert” at work – Which I am far from being by the way – and would like to record a few of my own podcasts for Illustrator so that i can free up more time to work, rather than teach 😀

    If it’s a lengthy explanation please feel free to flick me an email. Your advice will be very much appreciated.