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Episode 32: Preset Expectations

It’s the one-year anniversary of The InDesigner podcast — a year that has exceeded all my preset expectations. This episode both looks back on the past year and presents an in-depth video look at the very first tip I gave in the very first audio episode one year ago — taking advantage of Presets. From Document setup to Print settings to PDF export options, I show how to create, edit, and share presets that will eliminate repetitive tasks and save you time every time you use InDesign. Also, the winner of the anniversary contest is announced.

Watch the episode here (17:02 | 38.1MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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One Response to “Episode 32: Preset Expectations”

  1. Gerry Strong says:

    I was unable to view your video. I am using IndesignCS4. I am wondering how you print on both sides of the paper when you are doing a book of many pages.(35 -40) (I have a duplex printer, but am unable to find the settings I need) How do most people print both sides?