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Episode 30: Find…Change…Format!

Most of you are probably familiar with the concept of Find/Change (or Search and Replace, or whatever your word processing, spreadsheet or text editing program calls it). InDesign boasts a robust and powerful Find/Change feature that incorporates its even more powerful Paragraph and Character Style features, allowing you to search for and replace text, limit searches to specifically-formatted text, apply styles as text is replaced, and much more.

In this extended episode, I take an in-depth look at the power of Find/Change…starting with the basics, revealing the hidden extras, and building up to completely formating a three-page layout using only Find/Change operations.

I think you’ll find that what you learn here will change how you work. (Sorry…I just can’t resist a cheap joke.)

Watch the episode here (18:04 | 49.9 MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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3 Responses to “Episode 30: Find…Change…Format!”

  1. Thank you for the podcasts which I am enjoying and find helpful.

    Somewhere I read a mention of a Blog but cannot find this. Would you please send me the URL.

    Thank you.


  2. Anthony — This is the blog.

  3. Wow, I’ve just discovered your amazing podcast. I must say this one blew me away. Brilliant!