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Episode 15: Cheap Tricks (VIDEO)

Add depth and interest to an InDesign layout using the “cheap tricks” demonstrated in this episode, which uses a magazine feature to demonstrate what I called “Poor Man’s Lighting Effects” in Episode 4. In the process of building this example, I put a lot of other features to use including dropshadows, transparency, layers, step-and-repeat, object styles, gradient swatches and more.

Watch the episode here (11:25 | 29.9MB), or you can subscribe via iTunes.

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3 Responses to “Episode 15: Cheap Tricks (VIDEO)”

  1. outofspacero says:

    That was one cool video clip. Let me congradulate you on your podcast, because this tip was super useful and extremely practical. In the end that’s what matters, not just learning cheap tricks with the program like shortcut keys, but real examples of how to improve your designs and actually do something productive with the program.

    I watched videos from, Total Training and i must say that you offer some invalueable information for free. Thanks again and i will even go on Itunes and vote for your pocast, that’s how much i enjoyed this video tutorial… i think i will also pratice your tip right now 🙂

  2. nice

    simple and effective

    (my wife was with me just now and watched this one then said: “doesn’t he make it easy to follow”

    damn straight

  3. Thanks for that, and welcome to the blog. Funny that you mention your wife watching with you. When I started doing the videos, I had my wife — who knows nothing about InDesign but what she’s heard me blather on about — watch it to see if she could at least follow the concept. That’s been my litmus test ever since.