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Episode 10: Learning How to Learn

How does a person go about learning InDesign? What’s the best way? What resources are available? Where do you you start? Do you take a class? Buy a book? Hire a training consultant? There are a number of different approaches, none of which are any more or less valid than any other. But certainly some of them are more or less expensive than others. This episode discusses different, inexpensive ways start building your InDesign knowledge.

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3 Responses to “Episode 10: Learning How to Learn”

  1. Dirk Brandts says:

    Still with you. This podcast is a great resource. I’ve recommended it to some designer friends. Keep it up, and thanks for doing it!

  2. Michael,
    I’m trying to learn ID, (I do know a LITTLE) I have been working Quark (very badly) for some years, I recently saw ID being worked and was blown away. I should explain while I’ve been in printing for many years but I’ve never had any formal training.

    Most of the work I do is forms or SIMPLE layouts for handouts (usually copied from something else) I’ve NEVER had an original idea my fantastic 61 year old brain doesn’t work like that no matter how hard I try.

    My big problem is I’ve usually have bad experiences on the web, even working your fantastic site I’m unable to get to a basic ID beginners part of the site.
    I was shown your podcast on framing text around a picture and I thought with the right direction I could do that!!!
    While I don’t believe myself to be stupid I do have a problem with retrieving information (I used it think it was that I difficulty retaining the information but no, I can learn but getting the information back is the problem) I have to do things over and over and over for me to learn.

    Perhaps you could give me a simple link to a good beginners guide I would be very grateful.
    Although I may be committing a Sin I would have to say I envy you your talent
    and your generosity.

    Kind regards


  3. Terry —

    There’s no official “beginner’s” area of the site. I’ve chosen to target an audience of established ID users who can benefit from some intermediate- to advanced-level features and tips.

    If you’re looking for information at the more fundamental level, I recommend Deke McClelland’s “InDesign CS4 Getting Started” course on or David Blatner’s more in-depth “InDesign CS4 Essential Training,” also on

    There’s also a category of blog posts called “Beginner’s Corner” on that might provide some additional (and free) insight.