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All the Blood is Rushing to My Ascenders

I got an e-mail question from someone who said:

“I’m having trouble with the type on a path thing, trying to get the type to go on a circle. When I do the bottom part of the circle it makes the type upside down. Is there a quick fix?”

InDesign considers the path a single line, so when it sees the bottom of the circle, it sees it as the line turned upside down…and puts your type on it accordingly.

There definitely is a quick fix. While you still have your upside-down text selected (or just your cursor somewhere in the type), control-click the type (right-click on the PC) and, from the contextual menu, choose Type on a Path –> Options. In the Options dialog, you can just check the “Flip” checkbox to get the type right-side-up. At that point, you can finesse it by aligning a specific part of the type (center, ascender, descender, etc.) to a specific part of the path (top, bottom, center) for really precise control. Click OK when you’re happy with it and you’re good to go.

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2 Responses to “All the Blood is Rushing to My Ascenders”

  1. Prlwytzkofski says:

    Isn’t it quicker to grab that center thing (cursor turns into upside-down T shape) and drag that to the inside of the circle? Or did i miss something in this quest that you need to open a window?

    (I]Sorry, can not make a screengrab of this to show.[/I)


  2. That’s definitely an option…and for an on-the-fly solution, it works. But it’s a one-option step. All you can do is either pull your text all the way inside or all the way outside the path. The dialog box allows a lot more control. Plus…I find that little inverted T cursor to be hard to grab just right when I need it. :)